Sunday, March 19, 2017


Join Jason Collier (Access Hollywood's Ultimate Star Wars Fan and host of the Expanded Fandomverse Podcast), Scott Ryfun (Host of the My Star Wars Story Podcast and co-host of Dinner4Geeks Podcast), and Erin Neidigh (Author of 5,100 Question Mega-Ultimate "Star Wars" QuizBook and the new Rogue One Quiz book) for reviews of all 13 original episodes.

We finally end the  Star Wars Radio Drama with the climate Battle of Yavin.

We discuss how the epic battle translates to the audio format and we also discuss viewing Star Wars through our newfound knowledge of Rogue One. 

We give mini reviews of Rogue One as well as sum up what we loved, hated and what we would have changed about the Radio Drama.

All this and more in Episode 13: Force & Counter Force!

ENJOY, and make sure you let us know what you think of the podcast!

"You may think you've seen the movie; just wait 'til you hear it!"...


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  2. Interesting conversation about IF -
    or how and in what ways Rogue One changed this version of Star Wars.
    Well- this product is just so near and dear to our hearts that nothing Disney
    ever does will change it. Rogue One is a Disney Universe Product - NOT a Lucasfilm Era Product. 
    And while I loved Rogue One - it's also a product of the "after" the Prequel's were filmed.
    None of that existed when the Radio Drama was conceived.
    And while I accept that the Radio Drama  is one of the 1st "Expanded Universe" era writing products
    ( as was Daley's Classic Han Solo Trilogy - which more than likely will also be undone by Disney's new forthcoming standalone Solo movie ) to me - it doesn't make the "take" on the film story any less valid. For example - Does the scene w / "Heater" make the story any less valid to you? 
    That was done as a way to "get the missing scene " into the story - because Daley needed as much material as he could get his hands on. The scene plays out much like it did in the film - because it was filmed. And he got to see that long before any of the rest of us - and shared it in the Radio Drama. He had no idea Lucas would re-release the film in 1997 and re-insert the missing Jabba scene.
    I don't know about you – but I personally prefer the way in was done in the Radio Drama version OVER the “Special Edition” version of the movie .